Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Island! Island!" We All Scream, "Island!"

While many of you can't stop daydreaming this time of year about a place like this,

it's the other sort of island I want to talk about today. I'm here to interrupt your regularly scheduled cold-as-all-get-out day to give you an update on our kitchen: our new island. It is not even close to being finished but I just wanted to give you a sneak peak of it. The original island ended where the green soapstone counter stopped. Adin built the bookcase on the end. He also sprayed the whole thing black to give a visual contrast between the white cabinets. The oven is hooked up and I've been using it the past week or so. It's a regular and a convection oven in one. I'm still getting used to it since I've had a piece of crap for the past five years and was used to that. Okay so picture with me: new wood-looking flooring (it'll be vinyl planking), the butcherblock top will be extended and stained to match the rest of our counters, the bookcase will have shelves and pretties on display, and that hideous brown switchplate will be swamped out for a black one. Can you envision this? See that pull-out to the right of the oven? That houses all my spices, oils, and other whatnots. To the left is where all my cutting boards and cookie sheets are. I do love this island. Everything you see here (minus the butcherblock) was all purchased off of Craigslist from the same guy. They were never used. The island used to be an off white color. We purchased it about two years ago and it's been waiting to be used ever since.

Can't wait to fire up this bad boy. It isn't hooked up as of yet and it's killing me being without a cooktop for so long. This will be my first experience working with a gas stove and I'm super excited cause they say gas is awesome to cook with. Ain't it purdy?

I would show you the other side of the island but for some reason I can't upload those pictures. So they'll have to wait for another day. But there's an overhang and we have three stools underneath. That's where Ry eats breakfast and lunch. It's just perfect for us.

So don't be disheartened. Spring is right around the corner. Soon we'll be experiencing those island-like temperatures here. But in the mean time, bundle up and enjoy the snow! I know...I can't even convince myself.


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