Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Heart Craigslist

A few weeks ago, we picked up these guys. They're the latest addition (furniture wise) in the Hertzler house. They're solid, heavy chairs and I got six of them for $40. Love Craigslist. We got four like the following and two with arms. I love the mid-century vibe they bring. Oh and I'm pretty sure they're old too since I saw Pittsburgh stamped on the bottom of one of them. Love that. Wish I could find out some more about them.

I got a new Pottery Barn catalog the other day and when I spotted these chairs I thought they resembled mine a little bit. Can you see the resemblance or is it just me?

Guess how much these chairs are. $249. Each. Seriously. And I can guarantee they're not anywhere near built the way mine are. 6 for $40. Have I told you how much I love Craigslist?

Since we've bought these chairs, I'm seeing versions of them everywhere. Here are a few that have caught my eye. In the first picture, they aren't really the same, but they're of vintage-looking decent so I included them.

Can you see the back of the chair in the bottom left hand corner? Yep, I spot it all. You can't get anything by me. Isn't this a lovely kitchen by-the-way?

So right now our chairs are around our little white dining table. Soon they'll be surrounding a farm table (another CL find.) But that's when we get the house renovated and have room for a farm table. So it might be a while till you see a picture of that. I was a little concerned about whether the chairs would "go" with a farm table but then I got to thinking that anything goes if it's something you love. And that's what my house is all about. It's filled with treasures I love--eclectic items that all seem to live together in harmony. Maybe you should peruse Craigslist today. You never know what beauties are waiting for you.


  1. Awesome chairs! I love that 3rd to last sentence..."anything goes if it's something you love." I worry way too much about whether things "go." I hope to start thinking outside the decorating box this year. You have inspired me!

  2. Nice purchase, I love craigslist!! Oh and thank you for the link about the Kelly Moore bags!!


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