Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Memories

I know, I know, I'm a few weeks behind, but I'm still gonna post some pictures from Christmas. This is for posterity's sake.

Christmas Eve over at Nana/Ma's. That's what Ryder calls Mitch's parents. Nana or Nanan is Grandad and Ma is Grandma. And together they're Nana/Ma.

Nanan getting ready to read the Christmas story.

B sportin' his new hat from cousin Kylie.

Christmas morning at our house. Ryder was so excited over all of his gifts. We asked him which was his favorite and he said, "They're all my favorite!"

Mickey shirt.

Bryce got a Woody shirt but was more interested in the tissue paper.

Lightning McQueen hooded towel.

Bryce looking bored.

Poor Buttons was banished to the outside world. It was too much excitement for her to be involved.

Woody jammies.

Ry refers to this cup as his "Christmas cup."

Bryce opening his stocking stuffers. 

Hope your holidays were merry and bright! I won't wait as long next year to share our Christmas with you. I hope not anyway. Have a terrific Tuesday.


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