Friday, December 10, 2010

Yummy Meatballs

There ain't nothin' like a big ol' pot of homemade meatballs. Of course, my Mom makes the best ones. No one can even come close. Yum--my mouth is watering just thinking about those garlic-y balls of joy loaded on a Philly's own Amoroso's roll. For those not familiar with an Amoroso roll, they're simply the best. They're somewhat hard/crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfect for a meatball sandwich. Love it.

Well the other night I decided to make a pot of meatballs. But all I had was ground turkey. But that's okay since I like the stuff. And when you put spices in it and prepare it the way I did...shoot, it's some good eats. I didn't have any Amoroso's rolls either so we'd have to settle for some pasta and meatballs. Again, that's okay in my book since we hardly ever have it. I think Ryder has had spaghetti and meatballs maybe once in his life. So yeah...we were due.

First I took a pound of ground turkey, threw in some panko breadcrumbs, an egg, some oregano, and salt and pepper. As you can tell, I didn't measure anything out--just eyeballed it. Mixed that up, then got my scooper and formed the turkey into balls. Using a scoop makes it so much easier and plus you don't have to deal with rolling around raw meat in your hands. Then I coated my stainless skillet with some EVOO, and waited till it was nice and hot. I think I had it on med. high. And once I placed the meatballs on there, I let 'em be. Don't mess around with them by moving them around the skillet. You want them to get a nice crunchy brownness on the outside. And by cooking them in a stainless skillet, there will develop what you call "fond" on the bottom of the pan. Fond is the caramelized drippings left in a pan after roasting or sauteing. And this is where all your flavor lives.

 See the "stuff" sticking to the pan? That's a good thing, people! 

When the meat was done cooking, I put them in the sauce (just store bought stuff.) Then I threw in some homegrown green and red peppers, and onions, and of course some minced garlic into the same pan that I had just taken the turkey out of. Cooked that for a couple minutes then deglazed it with some cooking wine.

 If you don't deglaze your pan with something like stock or wine, you'll have a fun time scrubbin' that puppy in the sink afterward. And plus, remember you want all those bits and pieces since they're loaded with flavor. This is what my pan looked like after I deglazed it.

 Then I dumped all that goodness into my sauce. And since I used ground turkey, there was hardly any fat in the pan. If you use ground beef, you'll have to drain the fat before you add the veggies to the sauce.

I made some whole grain pasta and here's the finished product. In sequential order of Pappa Bear, Mamma Bear, and Brother Bear's plates. Mitch ate that plate and another one just as full. I think he enjoyed it.

 And here's Baby Bear lovin' his meatballs and pasta.

Maybe this post was Cooking 101 for you, but for me it was transformational. It gave me confidence in my own cooking abilities. And the word on the street is that Bobby Flay wants to have a Throw Down with me. Bring it on, Bobby. You're goin' down.

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  1. I wasn't hungry after my mammoth Shady Maple breakfast until I read this post. It looks amazing! You'll have to make that again soon.

  2. Wow, not only are you a great blogger, you are a regular ol' Rachel Ray!

  3. That looks so good. I need to make that on one of our cool nights since it isn't any fun going outside to grill!

  4. I bake my meatballs first... then throw them in sauce... i can't believe you haven't made pasta more... Elijah LOVE his pasta!!


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