Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Look at you, Avon!

If you haven't checked out Avon lately, it might be high time for you to do so--especially with Christmas right around the corner. I remember receiving Avon gifts from my Aunt Carol when I was little. I loved the Cinderella glass slipper necklace she got me and a cute little ballerina kitten that I adored. And of course, Christmas would never be the same without one of these puppies.

I loved getting things from Avon when I was a wee one. Well years passed me by and I hadn't given Avon a second thought until yesterday. I was at a Christmas Shopping Extravaganza with my Pampered Chef table all set up and there was an Avon rep. there as well. I started perusing the catalog and came across quite a few things that caught my eye. Check 'em out!

I'm really enjoying these flats. There's just enough glam on them to really dress up an outfit. And yet they're still flats so they should be comfy.

I must tell ya, I was amazed by this dress. Check it out, girls! You can have five different looks all in one dress. What! And who doesn't need a black dress? Seriously. And it's only $25.

I'm lovin' me some purple nail polish. Mix it up, pretties! How great would this look on your toes? Uh huh.

I've been dropping subtle hints to Mitch about getting me a necklace for Christmas. What I'm really into right now (Mitchell) are super skinny chains with a tiny little pendant. Oh wait, what about subtle hints? Anyway, I love a necklace you can barely see. These are cute options as well.

This is my fave from Avon but it's a little steep. Isn't is pretty?

These are birth stone necklaces that are cute and cheap. They'd be perfect for a little girl.

Whatcha think? Could you pull these off? They're jeggins. Jean/leggins. I think they're cute with the right shoe. But I don't think I could pull 'em off. Not everybody can or should even think about it. Hey, I'm just sayin'.

These are body paints. They'd make great stocking stuffers. I can just see Ry "painting" B's face with one.

So there's just a few things that I thought would make great gifts for yourself someone special in your life. I didn't really check out the guys' section...I know they have stuff but my guy isn't into smelly gifts. Now if they sold cologne attached to some Flyers tickets, we'd be golden. Come back tomorrow--I'm doing a Pampered Chef giveaway!

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