Monday, December 20, 2010

Kitchen Demo Part 1

So we started demo-ing the kitchen on Sat. We (by we, I mean Mitch and his Dad) were planning on ripping out the hall closet and take down the cabinets. Well you know how that goes. They started with the closet and about 5 hours later...

Here's the closet pre-removal. We never had doors on this closet. That was one thing we took off right after we moved in. There were sliding doors on there that always seem to get off track so we always had it open.

Here's Mitch with his game face on ready to tear into something.

B was sitting in his high chair observing it all. 

Ryder with his little plastic hammer was helping Daddy take down the drywall.

And here's what it looks like now. Our new pantry is going here along with some cabinets.

So the plan is to take down the rest of the cabinets some evening this week. Then Adin is coming on Fri. to install our new ones. Can't wait!

How was your weekend? Did you get some things done or did you just enjoy the holidays like a normal person?


  1. took care of my husband who is post-eye surgery. that means i got pretty much nothing done around the house, so it's all waiting for me when i get home from work. can't wait! ha!

  2. You have given a very nice demo here in this blog with some beautiful pics on it.I have renovated my kitchen this year and experimented alot in it by installing pantry cabinets,flooring etc.

  3. Some affordable ideas. This can only be done by a creative mind person!!


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