Friday, December 3, 2010

Ikea Inspiration

I needed to get out of the house yesterday since the kids and I have been cooped up pretty much all week. And plus I needed to check out some butcher block counter tops. So what better place to go then Ikea?  I called/texted everyone who I thought could possibly be at home but to no avail. Maybe each person was actually working. Either that or the thought of driving almost an hour with two whiny young boys was reason enough not to join in on the festivities. In any case, I made the trek alone. And it was good times. What's awesome about Ikea is that they have this play land that you can drop your potty-trained kid off at for and hour and a half. Shoot--that's reason alone for driving down there. So off Ryder went into the germ-infested play land while B and I strolled through the tons of "rooms" that are set up. Here's some pictures of things that I enjoyed.

I love this bedding. I think it would look great in my boys' room. And check it out--it is only $19.99 for the duvet and 2 shams. Now that's a splurge I can afford! Doesn't it scream "all American boy" to you?

I thought this piece was a great option if you don't have a linen closet. Of course you couldn't just jumble up your sheets and chuck 'em inside because of the glass front. So cross that one off my list.

Pretty curtains. Ikea has a ton of curtains. Some are even lined. But all are a fraction of what you'd pay, at say, Pottery Barn.

Check out these sexy legs! Oh yeah baby. I think this cute little dresser would look awesome in an entryway as a key drop-off/message center. And there's even two drawers for storage. But let me warn ya, if you're not that familiar with Ikea furniture, it's pretty much junk. It looks nice but you can't be hard on it. So if you're going to be opening and closing drawers a lot, I'd pass on it. And as for kid's furniture--unless you want something to just hold you over, keep walking on by. But something like this I think would be fine, since it's basically eye candy. And those knobs--how stinkin' adorable are they?

Ikea has a big selection of rugs. I've seen the one in the top left hand corner used a lot by designers.

I want this Chevron runner. It has an oh-so subtle pattern on it and would look great in a mudroom. My mudroom. Or I guess I should say my soon-to-be mudroom since this is what my "mudroom" looks like now.

We have a long way to go, but can't you picture that little Chevron guy on the floor there? Aww...oh and it's cheap too which is another added bonus. I can't remember the exact price but $25 is sticking in my head for some reason. Again--not gonna break the bank on this one.

I saw these wardrobes online when we were looking for closet options for our new bedroom. I love the way they look but when Mitch and I went to check them out in person, we were not impressed. Granted, they're only $199 but seriously, I think I could punch a hole through those doors just by accident. So I think Mitch is going to try to make something like these. A his and hers. Add that to the forever expanding to-do list.

If you're not already impressed with Ikea and their huge selection of goods, let me just tell ya that they have a mini supermarket of sorts there as well. Oh yes, the Swedes thought of it all. They have all kinds of Swedish food (including my fave, Swedish fish!) for sale. And yesterday I got a huge bag of frozen Swedish meatballs, 2 packets of cream sauce mix, and a container of real mashed potatoes all for $9.99. Seriously? Yeah. So we dined with friends of ours and still have about 15 meatballs left over. Which is sayin' something cause my man can eat. Well, so can I too but you get the point. A lot of food for not a lot of cash. And it was good. Oh and of course I had to get a half dozen of their amazing cinnamon rolls for dessert. With extra frosting. Yumminess.

So...what was the point of this post? Oh yeah, butcher block counter tops. Yes, I'm sold on their butcher block. It looks great and you can't beat the price. That's what I'm all about, friends. But then of course, you probably already knew that. And now you know why I'm crazy for Ikea. It's worth the trip...I suppose even if you don't have any kids to drop off.


  1. Did you know that you can go on Ikea's website and make a list of stuff you want (or want to look at) & email it to yourself? We don't have an Ikea close by (1.5 hours to Charlotte or 3 hours to Atlanta) so this is ideal for the one or two times a year we do go to Ikea. The next trip is next weekend - we're going to ATL for our anniversary (8 years already!) I'm going to be buying to pantry organizational stuffs! Yay yay yay!

  2. I love that curtain, I am thinking of hunting it down tomorrow I think it would make a good shower curtain for hubby's bathroom!

  3. I love just walking around Ikea! So much fun!! I would love to have butcher block - those are going to be great!!!


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