Thursday, December 9, 2010

If this is in, then I'm waaay out.

I'm all for being unique when you dress. I like when people take risks that pay off--like wearing a vintage dress or even some quirky accessories. But there are some outfits that I just wonder about. Mitch and I were meandering around Urban Outfitters the other night, and I did a double take as I walked past this lovely getup. It was so...stunning that I had to take a picture.

Seriously? I don't understand it at all. A huge undershirt, sequined shorts, black patterned tights? The only thing I enjoy is the scarf. Let's take a closer look at those shorts. Wow.

I'm just wondering--who would wear something like that? Please, anybody? So I thought to myself, "Hmm...I wonder what their website looks like." And what I found didn't disappoint. Sorry for the quality of these pics but you can still sense the cool vibe exuding from these outfits.

You know I'm all about shopping at Goodwill, people. I have no qualms about it. I'm all for getting a great deal. But you know when you shop at Goodwill there are always shirts there that look like this. And needless to say, they aren't my first choice.

And I don't know if you can see what these pants are made of but it's some sort of semi-see through material that looks like it's been acid washed. Sweet blast from the past, baby.

Here are a couple more pairs of sweet bottoms.

You know if it doesn't even look good on the beautiful blonde, I have my doubts.

And this is a $300 shirt. Wanna splurge?

Taking a risk on the wild side. Ooh la la.

And just in time for the holidays, you could be rockin' around the Christmas tree in this beauty.

So I guess if you want to be "in," just look for the most "unique" clothes you can find at your local thrift shop and you're golden. I don't know about you but I think I needed this lesson in fashion to stay up-to-date. Thanks, Urban Outfitters!


  1. Crap! Now I gotta return all those Christmas gifts that I bought for you ;)

  2. I don't understand. At all! I guess we are getting old. Eric and I love to go eat where the college students are and see all of the "styling" outfits, but they are nothing like this!

  3. I secretly think that the designers are just having some fun with their customers/followers. "Let's see what ridiculous outfits we can con these unsuspecting fools into wearing...." while they're laughing all the way to the bank. ;)


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