Monday, December 27, 2010

Hold Your Pants On

This is what Mitch says to me when I get impatient. Like if something needs to get done and I'm wanting him to drop everything and tend to the urgent matter immediately. This is his response to me. Hold your pants on. As I'm typing this I'm wrapped up in my blanket in my living/dining room completely frigid. You see, our windows are so stinkin' inefficient. You can actually see daylight coming through under our front door. Mitch was holding up a candle under our bay window and it blew out. How sad is that. We have a field across the street from us so the wind whips right across there into our little rancher. This is an actual picture of our house.

Okay, just kidding. But it seriously feels like this. Thankfully Mitch is all into energy efficiency right now. He's a researcher by nature so he's been doing his homework and is going to be getting weather stripping and sealing those bad boy cracks right on up.

Another reason I have to hold my pants on is for my kitchen. I know I said my new cabinets were being installed on Friday but there was a slight hang-up. Adin didn't order enough hinges for our cabinet doors apparently. So they're supposed to be shipped tomorrow making our new installation date Wednesday. Again, I'm not going to get my hopes up since I know this comes along with the territory. But this little bump in the road has actually been a blessing, giving me time to change my mind about our pantry door hardware. So it's all good. I'm okay holding my pants on for now. Even if they are stinkin' wind pants.


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