Thursday, December 23, 2010

Born Shoes

So of course I had to do some last minute shopping today. I still had to buy for Mitch, get stocking stuffers for the kids, as well as gifts for my parents and aunt and uncle. Sheesh, nothing like waiting till the last minute. I'm sitting here knowing that I still have to go out yet tonight to buy my parents' gift. I got sidetracked when I went out earlier. I stopped by Goodwill since I hadn't been there in forever and I tore up, yo. I hit the jackpot for shirts for Ry and got some other treasures. And I found a pair of Born clogs there too. I love Borns. They're so unbelievably comfy. The ones I found were too big for me but I couldn't leave them there stranded with the other nasty shoes so I picked them up hoping they'll fit my mother-in-law. So when I got home I started looking on Born's website. When I think of a pair of Born shoes, there's a certain image that comes to mind. I had a pair of these puppies years ago and they lasted forever and it wasn't until I couldn't stand the smell of them anymore that I threw them away.

Well I was super surprised when I was on their website. I didn't know there were so many different options of Borns. I thought they all kinda looked like those Mary Janes. Oh no. Born has come a long way, baby. Check out these all these cuties.

The name of these are Precious. How fitting.

Don't these just look so stinkin' comfortable? I can't imagine anything but clouds on my feet when wearing these little metallic guys.

 Seriously, how cute are these hand-sewn rays of sunshine? And how perfect would they be with some dark skinny jeans? Uh huh...yumminess.

And I could keep going but I won't. You get the idea. Are you as pleasantly surprised as I was? I just felt the need to share that with you tonight. Happy feet and holidays.

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