Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Here's my weekend in a nutshell:
  • B had to get 3 shots on Fri. Not fun. But we (me, Ry, and B) went to Mickey D's afterward and all was forgotten.
  • Went to a discount appliance warehouse and checked out some goodies for our kitchen. I found my dream fridge but it was $4,000. I can hear that little Mitchell voice saying, "Keep dreaming."
  • We then went antiquing--just one place where the owner doesn't care if the kids play with the antiques.Wow. That's not me, man.
  • Saw a cute little dresser there that belongs in our bedroom.
  • That evening I had a Pampered Chef show.
  • Sat. morning--pancake breakfast. I love weekends when we can have a hot breakfast together. For some reason Ry doesn't like butter. I don't understand this. He doesn't get this from my side of the family that's for sure. Butter=deliciousness for me.
  • In the afternoon we went to Daddy's hockey game where he scored his first 2 goals. Yay Daddy!
  • We dropped the kids off at Mom-mom and Pop-pop's house. {insert Hallelujah chorus here}
  • Had dinner at Texas Roadhouse and ate a yummy steak. And those rolls...oh my gash.
  • Went shopping. First at Christmas Tree Shop. Didn't know what to expect here but it's pretty much my new favorite store. Okay, not really but it was cool. They have everything from furniture to deodorant. I got some numbered jars that I'm going to use in the bathroom.
  • Went to Kohl's to check out the boots Mitch ordered for me. I was really disappointed. I was going for the affordable-yet-high-end-looking boot but instead found the affordable-piece-of-crap-looking boot. They were total junk and I couldn't even get them on my feet! Sheesh. So those puppies are going straight back when I get them in the mail this week.
  • Then we went to Pottery Barn Outlet--my fave. Didn't find anything. I'm pretty sure they jack up the prices on the weekends. Oh well...maybe next time. That's the phrase Ry says after every time we say no to him. He kinda shrugs his shoulders and says, "Oh well...maybe next time." So of course Mitch and I use it pretty much all the time now.
  • Went to Restoration Hardware Outlet. That place is redic. I mean even for an outlet, the prices are unreal. Get this--they have a coffee table that's 90% (!) off and it's still $90. Which you might think is not a bad price but the piece pretty much needs to be sanded down and painted. Hmm...I have a RH 20% off coupon so that would bring the price down to $72...nah, still a rip.
  • I've been wanting to try on a pair of skinny jeans just to see what they looked like on me cause you know I'm loving the skinny jean/tall boot look right now. So we went to the Levi's outlet. Never been there before. Tried on the skinnies and Mitch said they looked great and said I could buy them. (Gasp!) But I wanted to look around a little bit for that perfect pair.
  • Then we went to the Under Armour outlet. This was for Mitch's sake. I felt bad draggin' him to all my stores even though he claims he was having a great time. We didn't last too long there since one shirt was $50. Come on, people!
  • So after seeing those ridiculous prices, I wanted to go to Goodwill and lucky for me, there's one right across the street from the outlets. And you know how I feel about GWs.
  • Sooo...get this...I found a pair of skinny jeans that fit perfectly! Can you believe it? Oh yeah--I'm gonna be that fat girl rockin' the skinny jeans. And I found a pair of 7 For All Mankind (what kind of name is that?) jeans which apparently are a designer brand and their jeans are crazy expensive. And I got a cute little J Crew button-up sweatshirt. It's adorable. So I got all those things cheaper than what the Levi jeans would have cost me. Rock on.
  • Have I told you lately that I love Goodwill?
  • Then Sun. we had baked oatmeal (thanks Aunt Ashley) for breakfast and went to church. We were in nursery which stinks cause then we miss hearing our pastor but thankfully there was a guest speaker so we didn't end up missing out after all. That sounds horrible but if you've ever heard our pastor, you'd understand.
  • Then Daddy had another hockey game that afternoon and scored 2 more goals. And had 3 assists. And is the hottest hockey player ever.
Wow. I guess that's it. If you made it here to the end, you're a trooper. Thanks for reading. And now I leave you with a picture of Ry helping me in the kitchen. Apron: mandatory. Pants: not so much.


  1. what antique shop did you hit??? I am in need of a few items for Hudsons room and I am looking for furniture items we can repaint... you always seem to find the deals!!!! and oh you will look great in the skinny's... If I rock them being 7 months prego you can too!

  2. Lauren--it's an antique store in Morgantown. But I found a dresser on CL--thought it would work for us but it's too long. You should totally nab it.

    and you could paint it to look like this one.

  3. Love your post, of course I would have to disagree on the "hottest hockey player ever" part but we would get along just fine. There is just nothing like a goodwill bargin. It kinda makes you want to giggle and say I got my whole outfit for a fraction of the cost of your shirt to someone who just walked out of a name brand store.
    Go bargins!
    have a great day, and if you all ever come our way - Mitch and Willie can keep the boys and we'll go for bargins.


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