Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

It was a crazy busy week around these parts as I'm sure yours was as well. My brother and his family came in from MI and spent Wed-Sun here. So there were four adults and five kids (4,3,2,1, and 3 mo.) under one little rancher roof. Craziness but fun nonetheless. We ate a lot, laughed even more, celebrated a birthday, played together, watched football, had two flat tires, even had an ER visit. This Thanksgiving will not be soon forgotten.

There were 647 toys scattered around the living room all week, but it was worth it seeing the kids somewhat playing together.

 This is my niece Lucy. Or as Ryder would call her, Yucy.

And I do have some big boy updates for you too. B is on the verge of walking. He's taken several steps in a row. He's still holding on to his crawling days though. Can't seem to let them go just yet. And Ry started pooping on the potty. I know, I know--you're super excited too, aren't ya? I'm catching the vibe.

We skipped out on church to recover decorate for Christmas. I know that sounds pathetic but it was a good thing cause B took about a 4 hour nap. He was exhausted. Now if only Ryder would do that.

We went with mostly blue, silver, and white on the tree. Notice the tree is pretty bare toward the bottom. We have Bryce to thank for that. It's going to be a long Christmas season.

And here is the mantle. I don't know if I'm finished with it yet. I just kinda threw things up there. I do love my little birdie stocking holders though.

    I hope you had a special Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Now it's back to the same old. Happy Monday, peeps!


    1. LOVE the Christmas decorations! And yay for Bryce walking!

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