Monday, November 1, 2010

Stool Samples

Yeah, I'm that immature person who finds the phrase "stool sample" hilarious so I had to use it for the title of this post. So go ahead, roll your eyes. But thankfully it has nothing to do with what we normally associate that term with--so don't be scared or grossed out. I ran into Goodwill the other day to peruse the furniture section just for kicks. I do this quite frequently. I'm not really looking for anything in particular--just something/anything unique. And I found this cute little bamboo guy.

I don't even really know what he is--end/side table? Stool? Foot rest? Who knows. I just know that he's adorable and he's now mine. I only paid $1.48 for him--do you blame me? I couldn't resist. I didn't even clean him up--just snapped some pics of him and here he is awaiting his transformation.

I'm now contemplating what color he needs to be. What do you think? Should he be a creamy white, soft neutral, or a fun vibrant color? Where should his new home be? Next to a couch/chair? In the bathroom? In the living room? So I looked for some inspiration pictures. Here are some other stools/table that caught my eye.

Oh how I love thee, cute little birdie stool!

And I found these pics courtesy of Sarah Richardson . She's one of my fave designers. Check out these stools--one beside a chair and the other in the bathroom next to the tub. Love them both. I'm thinking my little guy is going to be used likewise.

So what do you think? What color should he be? Where would you put him? Do you have a piece of furniture you could spruce up with a little paint? You could be pleasantly surprised at the transformation. So go grab some paint and get your stool on.

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  1. I like the bright blue one. I also like the idea of it being in the bathroom as a book rest for when you take a long, luxurious bath!
    BTW, love reading the blogs!


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