Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I was browsing around in blogland today and came across this picture. There's several things that I'm loving about this hallway. First and foremost--that gorgeous mirror. Can you guess what it used to be? An old mirrored closet door that the owner re-purposed into this lovely lady. And the frame is just a weathered wood pallet. I seriously need one of those. I also love the contrast of the oh-so-slightly gray wall color and the warm richness of the hardwood floor. I'm all about soothing wall colors right now. There's plenty of chaos going on in our house with kids and their noisy selves and their stuff. I don't want the walls in on that action. Give me plain, calm colors please. And that light fixture is good ol' Ikea. What a statement piece! I love the mix of the modern light in the midst of traditional surroundings. Those chairs are thrift store finds. It all works. Simple yet inviting. You can tour more from this house here. Now back to my regularly scheduled chaotic surroundings.

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