Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boot Sale

I always get the itch this time of year. The itch for some new boots. Last year it was the Ugg-type boots. This year I'm looking for a tall pair to wear with some skinny jeans. I'm loving that look right now. I know it's a fad, but you gotta embrace them while they're here, right? It's a versatile look--pair them with jeans, wear 'em with some leggins and long shirt, or even with a skirt. Super cute.

So Mitch called me this morning and asked if I would mind "helping" him pick out my birthday gift this year. We still have a whole month till my birthday--he's on the ball, isn't he? He told me Kohl's is having a sale on some of their boots. Plus there's .99 cent shipping for the next three days. Gotta love Kohl's and their sales. There's not a huge selection but they do have a few that caught my eye.

I think these are my favorites.
These aren't bad. Just a little too plain for me.
Apt. 9

These are cute. I like the fold-over top but they're too pricey. We're on a tight budget here people.
I think these little guys are super cute but I'm looking for tall ones. Stay focused. Stay focused.
If you're looking for these kinds of boots, you can pay up to a small fortune on them. I mean if you want real leather and all the trimmings, you're going to fork over some serious cash. That's why I like Kohl's. You can get the "look" and not pay a whole lot. So check them out and score a bargain this week!


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