Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodwill Industries or should I say AMAZING Industries?(!)

I stopped by Goodwill last evening just for a little time away from the kids and was looking through the bag section. Confession: I have a thing for bags. Diaper bags, totes, purses, you name it, I love it. And I have lots of them. But recently I've just been putting everything in my diaper bag (everything except diapers, that is) and it's really hard to find something quickly. So I decided to look for a handbag in which to keep my wallet, phone, etc. After digging around for a little bit, I picked up this one.

Nothing fancy. No one would ever stop me on the street and say, "Oh my GASH! I LOOOVE your bag! Where'd ya get it?" But I knew as soon as I picked it up that it was a quality bag. It had weight to it and what looked and felt to be real leather. So I peeked inside and guess what I saw? COACH. Oh yeah baby! Never in a million years would I ever think I'd be able to afford a Coach bag, but when I saw the $7 price tag, I knew it was mine. I was so pumped! I told the kid at the register about my find and he didn't seem impressed. When I told him that these bags go for hundreds of dollars he said, "How do you know it's a Coach bag?" And I proceeded to show him the "official tag" inside which reads:

"This is a Coach bag. It was handcrafted in Costa Rica of completely natural glove-tanned cowhide. The variations in the grain are characteristic of natural full-grain leather."

I still can't believe it. Who in their right mind would donate a Coach bag to Goodwill? Hey I'm not complaining--I just don't get it. I jokingly said to Mitch that it was probably some husband who was going to surprise his wife by "helping" to clean out the closet and looked at the bag and said, "She hasn't used this thing in forever." And tossed it in the donate pile.

So when I came home this was my conversation with Mitch:
me: Guess what I found at Goodwill?
Mitch: what?
me: A Coach bag!
Mitch: I don't know what that means.

I proceeded to tell him a little about what's so special about these bags and then I searched the Coach website for a price. And there was my exact little black bag for $288. I think Mitch was impressed after that. I mean seriously if their stores look like this, it's no wonder they cost so stinkin' much.

So another day, another great find. I'm tellin' ya, if you haven't checked out your local Goodwill/thrift store recently, it might be high time for you to swing on by.

And the moral of the story: Husbands, leave your wife's things alone!


  1. That is insane! I am seriously jealous that I do not live near East Earl! I know I keep saying that, but it's true! :-)

  2. Ash--it was actually Morgantown this time. You should check your local one. I'm sure it's loaded with treasures.

  3. always nice to have a little time away from the kids. even nicer when you can find a great deal!


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