Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wellie Weather

If you're a duck, you're loving this weather. Actually I did see a bunch of webbed footed friends out and about today now that I think about it. But for the rest of us trying to cope with all this water, we better have something protective on our feet, otherwise we're up a creek...uh...okay maybe that's a little too literal. But you get my point. It's wet out there! And unless you don't mind soggy socks, drenched shoes, and wet pants, I suggest you invest in a pair of wellies. Here's some that might inspire you to fetch yourself a pair.

Cute little daisy guys to brighten your day.

Flower power

I'm a sucker for polka dots. Don't know which ones I like better--blue or green. They're both so fun.


I like the 2 tone effect.

A shorter version

If you must have laces, these are a nice choice.

How cute are these? I mean really.

Love the yellow.
And here's my trusty pair of plain Jane's.
I found all of these (minus my pair) on Endless.com. They have good prices and most of them were either free next day or 2 day shipping. For my plain Jane pair, you locals can find them at Good's Store. I got them several years ago and they're still goin' strong. Nothin' like a good pair of rubbers to make your day.


  1. Hey Kat!

    Your blog makes me smile! I miss seeing you! Guess I'll have to keep up with your life via your blog. :)

  2. I need to buy a decent pair of rubber boots. I bought a pair for $20 at Tractor Supply last year and the rubber has torn already. I thought for sure that being as much as they were and having bought them at Tractor Supply that they would last longer- but no. Oh well. I'll have to check out Good's. (:


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