Monday, October 18, 2010

Thrifting Treasures

I went shopping at two of my favorite stores after Mitch came home from work on Fri. First I went to the Re-uzit Shop then I hit up Goodwill. I had spotted a mirror at the Re-uzit and went back to look at it closer but decided not to get it after all. But I did see something that weirdly intrigued me:

See, I've been going through this lamp fetish recently. (I'll share with you another time my current lamp collection.) I don't know--there's just something about this little fella that called out to me. But I guess it didn't call loudly enough cause I didn't buy it. (If it were cheaper, I probably would have.) Can't you just picture him in a little boy's room? sweet. Anyway, I did find a few things at Re-uzit.

A book for Ryder. I love these DK books. The pictures are so cool and there's obviously lots of info in this book seeing it's an encyclopedia. And it was only $4. I'm pretty sure it was new too. 

 This one was not a new book--that's what jumped out at me as I spotted it on the shelf. I love the cover. I do love all things old and plus it's Grimms' Fairy Tales. I'm sure I'll have to preview these before reading them to the kids cause I know some of those old classics aren't really as Disney portrayed them. For example, did you know Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother were eaten by the wolf and a hunter came by and cut the wolf's stomach open to get them out?(!) Doesn't sound like sweet dreams are to follow that one.

 I have a project in mind for these. I enjoy their shape.

Then it was off to Goodwill for some major bargains. First I spotted these flip flops. I know flip flop season is long gone (sniff, sniff) but now's the time to get a good deal on 'em. And they happened to be Teva ones (my all time faves) and my size! Plus they were brand spankin'. They sell for $65 on Teva's website. I got mine for $1.50. Score #1.

I was so pumped at my flip flop find that I kept searching in the shoe bin. See, I don't go to the regular Goodwill--oh no, I go down to the basement where all the major deals are. And it's in the basement that things are just thrown in bins and you gotta dig through a bunch of crap to get to the jewels. I'm not afraid of a little diggin'. So next I found these cute little Madden Girl pumps. I don't know how much they would normally go for, but again I only paid $1.50. I have the perfect dress I'm gonna wear them with too.

Then I found these boots. They're not anything spectacular or anything but they'll look cute with a pair of jeans and for so cheap I couldn't pass them up.

So those were the treasures I found. Check your local thrift store--you never know what little beauties lie there! Happy hunting.


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