Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nothing beats the smell of pits--a fire pit, that is.

I've been craving a good ol' fashioned bonfire lately but wouldn't ya know there's been a "no burn ban" around these parts lately due to the lack of rain. Well even though I still saw the "no burning" sign out front of the township building, we had a fire tonight. I think the sign guy forgot to take it down since it's been raining pretty much all day every day this past week. Thankfully no one called the authorities on us. So here's some pictures of Mitch building the fire pit.

Here's the spot. We picked this exact spot because one of our builder-friends decided to dump some sort of concrete mixture on our yard, thus killing the weeds grass there.

Our sad excuse for a wheel barrow full of rocks Mitch picked out of the corn field.

 Ryder helping Daddy arrange the rocks.

One rock that didn't make the cut but ended up here in our small bird-themed garden. I think it looks pretty good there.

Mitch found a nickel while digging. Hmm...maybe it's worth something...well besides 5 cents.

Finished product. Looks "outdoorsy," doesn't it?

And well worth the effort.


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