Monday, October 11, 2010

No Man Is an Island...but We Could All Use One.

For the past two years I've been wanting to go to the Lancaster County Home Show. So after many dropped hints, Mitch and I packed up the kids, met friends of ours and we all made the trek up to Lancaster city to the Convention Center. I guess I was expecting a lot more out of it. I wanted to take a butt-load of pictures, bring them back here and blog about all the wondrous things I saw. Well here's the only picture I got:

Not necessarily blog-worthy. Oh and the rest of the time I felt like all I did was fill out prize slips and get bugged by salespeople trying to convince me why their product was the best ever. And the kids were a nightmare! Oh my word. So needless-to-say, we were ready to leave pretty much as soon as we walked in the door. Big disappointment. So instead of gazillions of pics from the home show, I'll show you some of kitchen islands that have caught my eye. I'm loving the contrasting cabinetry color on an island right now. Enjoy.

Crusty bread, anyone? Yum--my weakness. I also love the butcher block. Look at how thick it is!

Dramatic lighting

(Sorry this is grainy.) Love those plates on the wall.
I think I'll just have to wait for the Parade of Homes to get my pictures. Oh well. Here's to tryin'.


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