Friday, October 15, 2010

More Doors!

I have admitted my obsession with doors, haven't I? Oh yeah right here. Well the love continues. I spent all day (10-3) yesterday in the pouring rain at an auction for the entry door of my dreams. It was frigid outside. I couldn't even write the check out to the cashier because my fingers refused to work. Did I bring an umbrella, you ask? Of course not. Who needs an umbrella when you're donning a Phillies hat? Thanks to my wellies, my feet stayed dry and I felt indestructible plowing through huge muddy puddles. One girl I saw was glaring at me in her flip flops. I glared back 'cause she had an umbrella.

So I stayed all day thinking I was going to be the lone ranger waiting for the auctioneer to give me an incredible deal. Well "she" was there. I didn't see anyone looking at my door all day. Everyone would pass by it and look at the ones flanking it. Then the time came. It was just me and her. We duked it out. The price kept getting higher--past the original stopping point I had decided on. The auctioneer could see the uncertainty in my eye as I thought about the next bid. Then he said the magic words, "Come on! You didn't wait here all day in the pouring rain to let someone else buy your door!" And he was right, darn it. That was my door--get out the way, lady! So I won. And I got the door of my dreams--at a fraction of the "going rate" at that. So here it is:

It's a Craftsmen-style with dental molding (yay!) that has a transom window on top. We'll have to remove this window in order for it to fit in our wee rancher. So now I'm thinking about what color it needs to be and I have all sorts of ideas. Here are some ideas floating around in my head:

I love this lady's blog. Check it out when you have some free time. I also love the color of her front door.

Love the Dutch door and the festiveness going on around.

I do enjoy the dark paint. And I'm lovin' me some planters flanking the door. Almost bought some at the auction yesterday.

Looks similar to mine! Notice the transom up top.

Some fresh color to brighten up a white facade.

Love the detail.

Seriously, can you beat the look of a crisp red door?

Green again. Adds a spark of modern to an older home.

I'm feelin' this blue.

There she is in all her dental molding glory.

So what color would you pick? It's not as easy as you would think. There's just too many choices out there! But you better believe I will enjoy making up my mind.



  1. First of all, your story was hilarious! Secondly, I love the door! I love a lot of the colors you posted, but I am particularly drawn to the two red ones.

  2. Congratulations on the door score! And thank you for the link love, too. :) I am happy see your blog--good luck and happy blogging!


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