Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Finds at Goodwill

I know summer is over and bathing suits are being put away till next season (thank goodness) but I had to share my latest find. You will not see me modeling the following bathing suits even though they are quite conservative and hide things (double thank goodness.) Speaking of which--isn't it great that we have the option nowadays to get a bathing suit that doesn't let everything hang out? I wish these suits were "in" years ago. But anyway...back to my awesome find. When you're in the market for a bathing suit, I mean a really good quality bathing suit, be prepared to spend some big bucks. I think it's ridiculous what they charge for something that barely covers your body. But as we all know, quality does matter when it comes to these things. So we end up biting the bullet and spending way more than we should. I refused to buy a new suit this season because well...I was hoping to be able to get a smaller size...but you know how that works. So when I went to the shore for a weekend this summer, I borrowed my sister-in-law's skirt bottom and just wore my maternity top from last year. Pathetic, I know. But my SIL told me she ordered her's from Lands' End and paid over $100 (for a 2 piece.) When I wore it, I knew it was quality-made. Not $100 worthy, but it was a good one. So when I went to Goodwill this past week, I was super excited to find these. Now before you get all grossed out at the thought of a used bathing suit, they are new newer in great condition. Seriously these were not worn much if at all.

 Skirt bottom sells for $56.50 at Lands' End

Matching top and bottom. They don't carry this exact style anymore but the closest to it was $48.50 for the top and $56.50 for the bottom.  
And this one-piece. Again they don't carry this exact style anymore but one very close to it sells for $89.50.

And you're wondering how much I spent on mine? That would be $3.00. Yeah for all of them. Oh and I also got 10% off so it was actually $2.70. What I would have paid at Lands' End: $251. Not too shabby, huh? Oh how I love thee, Goodwill Industries.


  1. This SO you! I sure wish I live closer to GW. It makes me sad. :-(

  2. I can't wait until our GW trip next week. I get compliments on the dress I bought at one of our shopping trips every time I wear it...$3, was it? I don't get compliments on dresses on which I spend 10x as much (or more)! Gotta love a bargain!

    1. Yay! I can't wait either:) Good deals are waiting to be had!!


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