Friday, October 1, 2010

Mudroom Inspirations

We're in the process of renovating our garage into a master bedroom, bath, dining area, and mudroom. So I'm scouring the internet for design inspiration. I love this mudroom. Everything from the walls to the chairs, stone floor, wire baskets, and clothes tree is just practical. Practical, simple, and yet beautiful. What a great idea to hang a mirror to catch a glimpse of yourself as you're running out the door. Hopefully I'll be able to make our mudroom practical and useful like these mudrooms.

Even if space is limited, you can make some room for a mudroom. Check out how shallow those shelves and bench are. It still has everything you need for storage--a shelf, hooks, and I would imagine that bench top even flips open for extra space to stash shoes/boots.

If you have ample space inside your door, why not go to town with something like this? Everyone has their own space up top and there's tons of hooks to store bags and coats. Now only if we all had a wall to put this on...oh the possibilities!


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