Friday, November 18, 2016

The Boys' Bathroom (FINALLY!)

Well hello there! How you guys been?? Long time no see!! I have some news.

Once upon a time, approximately four years ago, Bryce flushed a Thomas train down our (then) one and only toilet. Instead of replacing said toilet, I said to Mitch that we should just redo the entire bathroom. How hard could it be, right? Well...four years later...

...and the boys' bathroom is finally done. Woo hoo! This is what DIY looks like these days--as you can see, the projects have been fewer and further between. And believe it or not, this particular project is complete just in time for us to move. Those who follow MLST on Facebook or Instagram have gotten the news. For the rest of you, yes, it's true. We're moving! (enter shocked face emoji) We're still trying to wrap our brains around that one, but let's just focus on this completed bathroom right now or else there may be some tears. So, behold: the boys' bathroom! Gah...I love it.

Here's my original mood board for this room (from this post):

Some things have changed, but you can see that overall, it remained kinda-sorta the same(ish). Seriously, my mind is allowed to change over the period of four years, okay?! If we were staying here, we would have added a barn style door as the main door, but since we're leaving, I'm saving my door for the next house! I ended up painting the door my go-to color: Benjamin Moore Dragon's Breath. Seriously can't get enough of this dark gray color. It makes any door look awesome, even a cheap hollow-core one.

I love how this bathroom goes with the rest of the house. We incorporated many of the same details in here (like the subway tile) and kept the walls fresh and clean with white paint. But I wanted to mix it up a little bit, so we went with board and batten walls. It brings enough interest to the bathroom walls without being too "different" if you know what I mean. Everything just flows in our house now. 

Mitch, my tiling ninja, made my shower dreams come true. I seriously LOVE this shower. Since he's finished (over 2 weeks ago), I haven't taken a shower in our bathroom. This bathroom is so bright and cheery...definitely gonna miss this puppy when we move.

Here's the IKEA vanity base that we scored on Craigslist for $30. Mitch had to drive to Maryland to pick it up, but it was worth it, dang it. It's the old style base (the new ones have 4 drawers) but the current vanity top which we got at IKEA fits on it perfectly. I thought I wanted different faucets, but when we saw these at IKEA, we snagged them. The one handle is perfect for the boys.

The sconces are also from IKEA, as are the mirrors. I was afraid that this bathroom would scream IKEA, but in the end, I think there are enough of other features that balance out the big-box store feel.

And one of those big features is the ceiling. Pine boards. You know we have a thing for ceilings. So it was a no-brainer that we'd do something unique in here. We decided to keep it natural, and are going to protect the wood with my DIY board butter.

We were able to make a tiny linen closet in here. Mitch took the leftover cedar wood from Finn's closet and lined this closet with it.

So, that's what we've been up to the past four years...ha! But now it's on to new adventures in a new house.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rhubarb Baked Oatmeal

Fresh produce season is upon us! Now's the time to experiment with different flavors. I took my baked oatmeal recipe and decided to add fresh rhubarb to it. It was a hit!

We also added yummy strawberries on top for added deliciousness. Seriously, strawberry season is the best, is it not?

Get the full recipe over on Golden Barrel's blog here

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Penny the Cockapoo

Well hello there! It's been a while, eh? Just thought I'd share with you guys (those who don't already know thanks to FB or Instagram) that we've added a furry friend to our family. Say hello to Penny!

I had been looking for a while for a dog on a few adoption websites. I knew we wanted something similar to our former dog, Buttons, who was a cockapoo. Something on the smaller side to fit in our small house. :)

So after looking on for a rescue dog but coming up short, I decided to jump on Craigslist and search. Craigs has come through for us on countless occasions, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Wouldn't ya know that when I typed in the word cockapoo, among a couple other entries, there was a picture of Penny (known then as Tiny). It was just meant to be. We drove down outside of Philly to pick her up. And she was ours. The boys took to her right away as did she to our family. 

Her former owners didn't have time for her anymore. They lived in a one bedroom apartment so space was at a premium. Plus, I'm sure they both worked full time (I'm assuming) so they just didn't have the time or energy to give her. When I initially inquired about Penny, the owner said that "she is very hyper and loving." I think the "hyper" part was because they didn't see her often, so when they came home, she was very excited to see them. She definitely is not a hyper dog. Look at that sweet face...

We picked her up on a Tues evening and on Thurs, she was at the vet getting her shots and a fresh haircut. She needed one badly, as her fur was quite matted. 

Penny has been a great addition to our family. Ryder takes her for walks every morning and the other two love giving her treats and taking her for walks as well. I made up some homemade treats that she absolutely loves. They're made with coconut oil, peanut butter, and cinnamon.

Coconut oil is great for dogs. For the recipe of these dog treats, check out my post over on Golden Barrel's blog. They're super simple to make and your furry friend will love them too!

So that's what's new at the Hertzler house. What have you guys been up to lately??

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Baby Hunter's Nursery

The other day on Facebook, I posted a picture of this adorable momma-to-be, Becca and her hound dog, Daisy...

The picture was to whet your appetite to see more of her baby's nursery. Well baby Hunter hasn't made his appearance just yet (less than a week left!), but it is time to show you his nursery. Becca and her husband, Phil, go to our church and when I saw some pictures of Hunter's nursery posted on Facebook, I asked Becca if I could sneak in a few pics myself to show you guys. I know you'll love this sweet, rustic space as much as I do. This nursery is filled with many DIY/repurposed items and you know how much I love that. So let's jump right in! Welcome to baby Hunter's nursery.

This art was made from driftwood pulled out of the river where Becca grew up. She added the trinkets that she picked up here and there. The antlers are from a buck that Phil got. And Becca DIY'd the cute burlap bunting. 

When you walk in the room, to your left is a gorgeous rough-cut tongue and groove pine wood wall that is stained to really bring out the warmth of the wood. I just love the contrast between the dark, rough wood and the rest of the smooth, drywalled light-colored walls. (wall color is Sherwin Williams Sedate Gray--an ever so slight green/gray color) The walls are a perfect mix of both rustic and modern.

One of the things I love about this room (and really, their entire house) is that Becca and Phil did a lot of DIY projects in here. Of course whenever I see a DIY done right, it makes my heart swell. Becca is a big furniture refinisher. She finds "treasures" abandoned alongside the road or thrown in the trash, and converts them into true treasures--pieces that are just stunning and are full of history and stories. Let me show you some of those pieces...

Here's Hunter's changing table, before and after. She removed the double doors to allow for a wire hamper basket underneath. Fresh and updated, right?

Becca looks for real wood furniture (no particle board crap allowed!) to paint with chalk paint. 
Before/after of a child's table and chairs

This piece looked rough...then Becca got a hold of it

Now their home is filled with gorgeous furniture that she fixed up herself. Awesome, right?

Let's talk about this crib for a sec...

Phil was planning on building Hunter's crib, but there's something about having a full-time job that didn't allow for it. Ha. But thankfully Phil has some connections and this beast was built by a friend. Isn't it a showstopper? 

Another refinished piece by Becca...

This book was given as a gift at Becca's baby shower. Phil and Becca nicknamed the baby "Huck" before they knew its gender. I'm secretly hoping the nickname sticks so Huck and my Finn can be buds. Well, I guess they can still be buds even if that's not his nickname... ;)

This barrel used to store firewood at Phil's parents' it's a cute side table.

This Holy Shed Antler Cross is based on antlers that were found on a buck--shaped in a unusual way--in the form of a cross. This is a reproduction that was given to Phil and Becca from Becca's parents and is a wonderful addition to baby Hunter's nursery.

This little teddy was something that Becca had when she was little. She simply added a scrap piece of her favorite buffalo check material and Viola! It's fit for a boy's room.

On the other side of the room is another showstopper. A contractor friend made this barn style door for the closet. Again, made with pine boards and stained the same color, it really is a wonderful rustic accent in this room. 

Inside of closet, in case you need inspiration. Becca bought the adjustable shelves/racks at Lowe's. They were cut to size there and can be adjusted however you want. So as baby Hunter grows, this closet can adjust to his needs (which, I'm guessing, will probably include some hunting equipment down the road...

The glider chair is from Babies R Us and was a gift from Becca's parents. (pillow from Etsy)

And if you peek out that window right beside the glider, this is the view you'll take in...woodsy and rustic, just like Hunter's room. :)

Becca bought a lamp kit and made this fun lamp from an old bottle that was found on her parents' property. Again, something else with a story. Little Hunter will be surrounded with items that have meaning behind them. Love that.

Daisy was a champ and only barked at this stranger (me) a couple dozen times. Ha! She was ready to get back to lounging...

Hope you guys enjoyed the tour! Thanks to Becca, Phil, and Daisy for having me over. Can't wait to see that sweet boy very soon. 

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Boys' Bathroom Progress

It's been a while since I've shown you the boys' bathroom, so I thought it was high time for an update. We've been busy in here lately and this bathroom is actually functional...well at least the toilet and sink are. While these pictures might look like complete crap and mayhem to some, it's definitely encouraging to us. Things always look worse before they look better, so we've learned from personal experience when it comes to house projects (see here). So I'll include some current pics of the bathroom and some inspiration pictures of what we want it to look like in the end. Put on those "see-the-potential" glasses and let's dive in! (Warning: long post. Grab some coffee.)

So far, Mitch has removed the ceramic tile flooring (which literally took forever). He had to scrape down as much of the backing that was left on the subfloor as possible, trying to even everything out so he could put the vinyl flooring down (it's the same as the rest of the house). I love the natural look of the "wood" floor. Plus it flows right into the bathroom making for a seamless look.

Once that was done, he moved onto the sink. We bought the IKEA vanity off Craigslist probably a year or so ago. I think we paid around $30 for it. (It's the Godmorgon Odensvik discontinued style, but here's the updated version.) I knew I wanted a double sink in here (shoot, I was hoping for a triple) so the boys would have a little extra room (i.e. not fight when they're brushing their teeth...imagine that).

The top of the vanity as well as the faucets we purchased at our not-so-local IKEA store. While I always want think outside the box when it comes to design, I thought it would be safest to get the actual pieces that go along with this specific base, that way we knew everything was snug and fit accordingly. One awesome feature about this vanity is the storage. Open it up and inside is this crate-like drawer to store everything a boy could need (IKEA also sells additional smaller storage pieces to fit inside these drawers, for things like q-tips, etc). Plus the drawers have a soft-close feature, so there's no possibility of slamming drawers (not that my boys would EVER do that. Ha.)

I'm still contemplating swapping out the gray drawer front with a wood panel something like this guy. We'll see...

Our Favorite Bathroom Upgrades:

We may end up going the more rustic route with the vanity front like this. I like to mix things up, baby!

DREAM HOME: Geremia Design’s 25th Street Residence | Rue:

At first I really wanted to get antique-like brass fixtures, but we settled for easy: these guys from IKEA. They're super simple for the boys to turn on and off, and I like their modern look. I still may try DIYing a brass look for them...not totally 100% sure yet. The sinks look shallow, and honestly I was kinda afraid water would be splashing all over the place, but it's totally fine. There's a filter on the end of the faucet that allows for a nicely controlled stream of water.

Inspiration picture. See, aren't the antique brass faucets awesome-looking?

 marble, brass, wood, white subway tile:

We're still not sure what we're doing with the mirror(s) in here. Here's some inspiration. I'm leaning toward two mirrors. I really like the rounded corners of this one.

White bathroom with two mirrors and sinks:

Also digging round mirrors right now.


So we'll see about that. We bought these lights from IKEA that I'm thinking about painting (maybe gold?) Love their fun modern shape! They'll probably go above the mirrors.
VITEMÖLLA Wall lamp IKEA Gives a diffused light which is good for spreading light into larger areas of a bathroom.

We're planning on hanging a barn-like door on the outside of the bathroom, so this cheapy hollow core door will eventually go. The reason for the barndoor is so that we don't have to account for the inward swing of a door that eats up precious space inside a small bathroom. That'll probably be the last thing we tackle.

I really like the design of this door--something with a chevron/herringbone pattern would be fun. Not sure if we'd paint or stain it.

The toilet. Ha. We actually bought a really nice used Kohler one on a Facebook sale page but when we went to install it, it leaked. Come to find out, there was a big crack underneath, most likely where water was and froze, resulting in a crack. Dang it. So Mitch ran to Lowe's and picked up this one which got amazing reviews. It was $100 so it didn't break the bank. It looks as good as a toilet can (we swapped out the cheap white flusher with the one off the Kohler we had) and we're so far very happy with the quality (good strong flush!). 

This is our bath area. Remember we stole some space from Ry's closet to make room for a tub? (see here for that post) The tub is in...has been in for quite some time; what's left is tiling and installing the fixtures. All the plumbing has been done.

We'll be using classic white subway tile with a darker grout (probably light gray) to make the tiles pop a bit. Notice the tile as well as the floor in this picture...same look we're going for. 
 Claw foot:

On the same wall as the bath, we made way for a small linen closet, since we took the existing one out to make room for a double vanity. Not 100% sure what we're doing here...I'd like to put a built-in hamper on the bottom half with shelving on top, but it's pretty narrow so not sure we'll be able to do that.

Here's the inspiration:


And finally--the ceiling and walls. Mitch just put up these strips last night. We're planning on doing some sort of wood (maybe?) treatment on the ceiling (we have a thing for that). 

Something like this?

Image Via: Crush Cul de Sac:

The walls will be board and batten. It's a crisp, clean look that I love (same look as our exterior). 

mosaic tiling + gold/brass accents + white bathroom // converted church by HSH Interiors:

Mitch has been able to get a lot done lately thanks to these guys. This was his Christmas present from me. He loves them! (I knew he would...duh!) Prior to these, he had to run next door and borrow his dad's drill. Can you believe that? He only ever had a cheap $20-something drill before that that died a long time ago. So now he's well equipped to tackle projects. Yay for steppin' it up! I bought the DeWalt ones because he already has a few DeWalt tools that he really likes. It's a quality brand that should last him for years to come--hopefully forever! (Finn's plastic hammer, seen in bottom right corner, has been a big help too...ha!)

So that's where we're at, guys! Long detailed post...hopefully not too boring. Just thought you'd like to be caught up. All the inspiration pictures were taken from my Boys' Bathroom Pinterest board. You can follow along, if you'd like. Also, stay connected via Instagram for little updates we do along the way. Or for you Facebook users, here's where you can follow along.

 To see the transformation of this bathroom over the years, go here.
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